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Learn What Makes Our Wheat & Wheat Berries the Best

Our legacy dates back well over 100 years. A pioneer farmer, Frederick Christopher Gallon, is the great-grandfather to the 4 Generations Organic family. Gallon so bravely started a new life leading straight to golden fields of wheat. Little did he know, his family would work so diligently in order to preserve his efforts, as well as his heritage.

Learn What Makes Our Wheat & Wheat Berries the Best

Our Wheat

We know that the best bread starts with the best wheat, that’s why we are offering several varieties. Ruby Lee, Smith Gold, Skydance, and even a rare heritage grain, Turkey Red!¬†


Our Farm

Our wheat is grown on land that has been farmed by the same family dating back to the Oklahoma Land Run of 1893.


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If knowing where your food comes from is of importance to you, you’re in the right place. ¬†Schedule a tour with us today!

Our Journey