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Our Turkey Red Organic Wheat Berries classify as hard red winter wheat that mills into flour with a robust, wheaty taste. This flour is very low gluten when consumed in small portions and great for artisan bread, pan bread, biscuits, crackers, and cookies.

The Buckets of wheat are packaged in food-grade buckets sealed with oxygen absorbers.

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Our Turkey Red organic wheat berries are hard red winter wheat berries. Turkey red is a heritage grain and mills into flour with a robust, wheaty taste.  Turkey red is known for its lower-gluten content, while still being easy to bake with. Try our other Heritage grain Mediterranean!

DISCLAIMER- Our wheat is packaged in cloth bags, with a thin plastic liner. We do NOT recommend taking the wheat out of the cloth bag, as the plastic is too thin to hold the weight of the wheat and will break.


We are a company that has been growing wheat on the same field for 4 Generations, since the Oklahoma Land Run of 1893. The wheat berries we offer are organic, Non-GMO, estate-grown, and come from field to table.  Our company has a lot of varieties, mostly hard red winter wheat. We are hoping to soon have soft white spring wheat next summer along with OSU’s new variety Butler’s Gold.


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We typically ship within 2-3 business days, if your order does not ship in that time frame, please be patient. 4 Generations Organic is a small local company and our employees work very hard to fulfill orders quickly. 4 Generations always want to keep our customers happy. If you have a question about our product or an issue with our wheat berries, please contact us using our email or store phone. Any products that are received damaged or not suitable will be replaced at no cost.


We recommend storing your organic wheat berries in a cool, dry place, and preferably air-tight. After milling the berries into flour, it is best to keep the flour in a Ziploc bag and store it in the freezer. Since our products are organic, bugs can sometimes be a problem, but storing them in the freezer will eliminate the issue. Our buckets on the other hand will be good for years until opened if kept in a dry place at least room temperature. Once opening the bucket, it is best to transfer the organic wheat berries into an air-tight container. Looking for recipes?

We hope you enjoy 4 Generations Organic Farms Products. We appreciate your business and look forward to fulfilling your order!

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