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Organic wheat grown on the land that has been farmed by the same family since the Oklahoma Land Run of 1893. We sell the finest organic hard red wheat you'll find.  We offer 3  variety's  Ruby Lee, Smith Gold & Skydance.  This estate grown premium wheat comes from our farm in Northwest Oklahoma, one you can come on out and visit. If knowing where your food comes from is important to you, you're in the right place. 

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Our Roots

The organic wheat we grow, package, and ship directly to you comes 4 generations of hard working farmers. Our legacy starts with Frederick Christopher Gallon who made his dream of golden fields of a reality. It doesn't get any more authentic than this. We'll stake our family name on it

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide the very best wheat and whole wheat flour for our customers. We want everyone to know that our product has deep roots and we are completely focused on quality. What you won't find elsewhere is the trace-ability we offer. You are welcome to come visit Northwest Oklahoma and walk on the soil that your incredible organic wheat is grown on. 

History of 4 Generations Organic


Our legacy dates back over 100 years. A pioneer farmer, Frederick Christopher Gallon bravely started a new life - leading straight to a family dream of golden fields of wheat. Gallon is the great grandfather of 4 Generations Organic's family. 


Gallon, as many other early pioneers, fought tooth and nail to keep his land during those years of hardship. Fred and his son A.A. Gallon, were dedicated to their families and continued to prove it as they invested their blood, sweat, and tears to rightfully claim the land they were so fortunate to encounter.  Frederick, the entrepreneur, acquired a quarter of land several miles north of the newly created town of Alva, Oklahoma. On his new land, he built his first residence within the hill, creating a dugout style shelter. After residing within his earthy realm for several years, Gallon built a modest two room home. Later, the home was transformed into a granary. 


Bob Baker is now the 4th generation of family to honor the land left by his forefathers. Over the years, Baker has successfully followed family tradition and now farms acres of their land producing organic hard red wheat berries. Bob's dedication to traditional methods has allowed for his organic crops to flourish: providing a quality & organic wheat berry you are simply incapable of finding elsewhere. Baker takes pride in the fact that his wheat berries are 100% organic, non-genetically modified, non-enriched, naturally grown on land owned by his forefathers.